Gallery Saint Germain Presents

Robert McCoy & Katie Webster

December 10 – January 17



I juxtapose volumetric ceramic forms with delicate line drawings through this body of work, a process that is endlessly inspiring for me. Both my forms and surface designs influence each other at different stages of the pottery process. Together, they’ve grown into my current body of work. I strive to create work that can be easily incorporated into the home and functional art has always been a driving force. Organic lines, shapes and textures, found within this body of work, reflect my love of nature, art nouveau, and the continual sources of inspiration I observe on a daily basis.


As an Artist I see landscape and abstract paintings to be closely interrelated. Landscape paintings afford the opportunity to explore limitless natural color and compositions. Abstract paintings, like nature, are limitless in their variations and complexities and are endlessly fascinating. I find that practicing both art expressions contribute to better paintings of any subject matter.

Since the doors to the Paramount Theatre reopened on September 25, 1998, it has truly lived up to the vision of being a showcase for central Minnesota. It serves as a venue for local, regional, and national performers and is a landmark in downtown St. Cloud. The Paramount has become a destination for audiences from central Minnesota and beyond, and it has played a significant role in local economic development.

As you have likely heard, the seats in the Theatre are in need of replacement. They are used up to 60,000 times per year, and the new seats are anticipated to have a life of about 50 years. The total cost of this upgrade is $400,000, and the City of St. Cloud has committed to pay for one-half of the cost of this project up to $200,000. The Paramount Arts Resource Trust (PART), the non-profit organization that operates the Theatre, is responsible for raising the balance of $200,000.

PART is launching the “Take Your Seat … For Act II!” campaign in order to secure sponsors for the new seats. The PART Board of Directors has reached 100 percent participation in this effort and is now extending the call to action to Paramount Theatre supporters.

Visit for details about how you can be a part of this worthwhile endeavor by sponsoring one or more seats to commemorate yourself, your family, your business, or someone else of your choosing. What a wonderful and unique gift!

On behalf of the City, PART, and all of the people who have worked so hard to make the Paramount Theatre the huge success that it is, we invite you to step forward and “Take Your Seat … For Act II!”

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