Arts Camp for Educators 2018 Briefs



Modern Photography Techniques and Uses 

Steve Diamond 

8:30-10:20 am – Studio B 

Steve Diamond is a Commercial Photographer who spends the majority of his time working with high profile clients across the United States. He will present some modern tricks for DSLR cameras and handheld devices that will help you embrace the idea that both young and old people alike express themselves through photographs. He will also share fundamental aspects in collecting digital imagery pertaining to lighting and composition you can use and share with your students.  

Limit: 25 


 Confidence and Creativity Through Drama 

Kaarin Johnston 

8:30 – 10:20 am – Rehearsal Hall 

Kaarin S. Johnston, Professor of Theater at the College of Saint Benedict/Saint John’s University, has been working with young people for over 40 years, writing plays for them, presenting workshops around the country and teaching education majors at the college level. She will present a session for 3rd-12th grade teachers in which they will experience and discuss participatory goal-oriented drama exercises used to develop creativity, self-confidence, and team-building skills.  No previous experience necessary. 

Limit: 20 


Awareness Through Movement 

Leigh Dillard 

10:30 am – 12:20 pm – Rehearsal Hall 

Leigh Dillard, retired professor of Dance and Theater from the College of Saint Benedict/Saint John’s University, has been a professional dancer, choreographer and movement educator for nearly 50 years and a certified Feldenkrais practitioner for over 20 years.  Her session will use movement to focus attention, increase awareness and facilitate experiential learning through embodied differentiation. Participants will learn ways to increase self-awareness in order to differentiate sensations, feelings, ideas and actions more clearly and learn to play as means of experiential learning and creative problem solving. No prior experience is needed and the session is applicable to use with all ages.  Participants should be willing to play physically, mentally and emotionally and to be open to being confused, surprised and delighted.  If you have a yoga mat, please bring it! 

Limit: 20 


 Resources, Activities and Strategies for Bringing Art into Your Classroom 

Sheila McGuire and Amanda Lesnikowski 

10:30 am – 12:20 pm – Studio C  

Amanda Lesnikowski and Sheila McGuire, educators in the department of Student and Teacher Learning at the Minneapolis Institute of Art, will present about the many ways pre-K–12 educators can connect classroom learning to artworks at Mia online, via web conferencing, and through programs, including Art Adventure. They will also model teaching strategies for talking about artworks with young people in your classrooms, including Visual Thinking Strategies and Harvard Project Zero’s Artful Thinking routines.  

Limit: 25 


 Learning Lunch Presentation 

Residencies – the how and the why!! 

Alicia Peters and Heather Allen – CMAB  

12:30 – 1:20pm   Conference Room 

This year Arts Camp will feature two “learning lunches”.  On Monday, Central Minnesota Arts Board will share their Teaching Artists Roster Program. TARP instructors, Alicia Peters and Heather Allen, will explain how and why the TARP program was developed, and how it can result in residencies in your school. And did you know that the artist writes the grant?  

Limit: 20 – light lunch provided 


 Drawing as Foundation 

Charles Kapsner 

1:30 – 3:20 pm – Studio B 

Charles Gilbert Kapsner, a classically trained artist under Nerina Simi (1890 – 1987) will demonstrate an approach to drawing from life, using a plaster cast with focus on the comparative measuring approach, and discussion of its counterpart, site size. Attendees will observe how to skillfully draw, as well as take a wonderful photographic “tour” of Florence, Italy, focused on the 19th-century studio Nerina Simi.  

Limit: 20 


 Inspiring Creativity in Free-verse Poetry:  For Reluctant Writers to Advanced 

Bill Meissner 

1:30 – 3:20 pm Studio C 

Bill Meissner, Faculty Emeritus at St Cloud State University, creative writing teacher, and author of seven books of poetry and fiction, will present a session for K-12 teachers to explore ways to generate and nurture creative writing in the classroom—especially using free-verse poetry.  Participants will discuss strategies for developing creative writing in students of all levels, and will also attempt a fun, informal writing exercise of their own.  In addition, Meissner will also present examples of his writing, which he uses as a visiting writer in elementary and high school classes.  Please bring a writing utensil and paper and/or laptop for the writing exercises. 



 Ceramics:  Art and History 

Ursala Hargens – Northern Clay Center  

3:20 – 5:20 pm  Paramount Clay Studio 

Ursula Hargens presents a lesson that incorporates art history and a small hand-made project. Hargens is a long-time ceramic artist and educator, and co-founder and program head of the Minnesota New Institute for Ceramic Education (MN NICE) at Northern Clay Center. This particular lesson will provide various examples for incorporating the clay arts into your curriculum, with half of the session devoted to an engaging and lesser-known piece of ceramics history and the remaining time allotted for hands-on work that links to your learnings. The information presented is best suited for middle school students but can be adapted for all K-12 classrooms. Remember to dress for mess!  

Limit:  20 


Open Studio 

5-9 pm 

*Participants will be welcome to continue to work in the Paramount Visual Art Studios until 9pm. 





Teaching Sketchnotes 

Nichole Hahn 

8:30-10:20 am  Studio B 

Nichole Hahn is an award-winning K-8 Visual Arts Teacher with Elk River Schools. She is the author of a blog called, which celebrates the happenings in her art classroom.  This session will share how to teach students to take sketch notes and is applicable for 4th grade up to adult learners.  Supported by research, Sketchnotes is a way for students to obtain a deeper understanding of the information presented to them. One does not have to have drawing skills to use and create sketch notes.  In this lesson, you will learn what Sketchnotes are, how they can be taught to students, and why they are an excellent tool to add to any classroom. 

Limit: 25 


Traditional Somali Songs and Games 

Dalmar Yare 

8:30 – 10:20 am  Rehearsal Hall 

Dalmar Yare, Somali singer, composer, performer and founder of Ambassadors of Culture Band, will present information on the role of arts in the Somali culture through video and hands on participation in games, dances and songs.  Come ready to dance and sing and learn.  Suited for K-12 teachers and agency staff. 

Limit: 20 


 Using Technology to Support Instruction and Activity in the Classroom 

Nichole Hahn 

10:3am -12:20 pm  Studio B 

Nichole Hahn is an award-winning K-8 Visual Arts Teacher with Elk River Schools.   She is the author of a blog called, which celebrates the happenings in her Art classroom. Have you tried iPads for animation? How about using the flipped classroom? Have you thought about creating digital portfolios with your students?! Do you use applications such as Seesaw, Schoology, Google, Stop-Motion Studio, or iMovie? This session will briefly address several exciting ways to incorporate technology in your classroom. 

Limit:  25 


 Teaching for Artistic Behaviors (Background and Practice in a high school setting) 

Sara Underhill 

10:30 – 12:20 – Studio C 

Sara Underhill, Art Teacher at Pierz High School will present on Teaching for Artistic Behaviors (TAB). This session is geared toward middle school and high school teachers but will also include principles and practices that would also be applicable at the elementary level. Participants will learn about the history and  philosophy of TAB and will hear ways that TAB can be implemented at the middle/high school level. 

Limit: 20 


Learning Lunch Presentation 

Munching with the Museum!  

Jamee Yung, Weisman Art Museum – University of Minnesota 

12:30 – 1:20 pm   Conference Room 

Our guest will be Jamee Yung of the Weisman Art Museum who will join us to discuss the resources the Weisman has available for teachers and their classrooms.  Jamee will provide an overview, then stay for lunch to answer any questions. 

Limit:  20 – Light  Lunch provided 


 Mental Health in Children and Adolescents – Art Based Interventions 

Kristin Kane 

1:30 – 3:20 pm  Studio C 

Kristin Kane, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and Board Certified Registered Art Therapist will provide an introduction to training for artists and K-12 teachers focusing on the key warning signs for early-onset mental illness in children and adolescents and the healing potential of creative engagement through art-based interventions.  This session will focus on identifying mental health symptoms such as depressed mood, anxiety, trauma-related symptoms and changes in behavior or school performance and will also focus on how art-based interventions can assist in the treatment of mental health conditions in children and adolescents. Information will be included about how trauma and toxic stress impacts the brain and how art-based interventions can lead to integration and transformation of negative experiences. It includes an experiential component with participants engaging in and learning about art-based interventions. Participants do not need to have prior experience to participate.  

Limit: 35 


 Intro to ELLs and Best Practice Through the 90-Second Newberry 

Leah Larson – Minnesota Department of Education 

1:30 – 3:20 pm  Rehearsal Hall 

Leah Larson is part of the Youth Literacy Team of State Library Services, a division of the Minnesota Department of Education, a licensed school media specialist, and an experienced ELL, ELA and Special Ed teacher. Her session will give introductory information on the needs of ELLs and the 90-Second Newbery Film Festival. Participants will learn about basic practice for ELLs and have a chance to exchange implementation ideas. The 90-second Newbery annual video contest in which student filmmakers make movies that creatively tell the entire stories of Newbery-winning books in ninety seconds or less is of interest to elementary and secondary arts educators. Students cooperatively adapt, write, storyboard, produce, direct, film and edit their movies. Learn more about this project and how you can incorporate it into your curriculum. This session meets the ELL re-licensure requirement. 

Limit:  35 



Letterpress Printing (Part-Present-Future)  Join the Revival 

Mary Bruno 

4:00 – 6:00 pm   Bruno Press – St. Joseph, MN  Carpooling from the Paramount is an option. 

Mary, Bruno, Owner and Operator of Bruno Press, is an outstanding artist and printer in St. Joseph, Minnesota.  In this session, participants are invited into the inner workings of a small letterpress print shop learning the history of letterpress printing, how it began and how it has launched into a revival today.   Appreciating the quality of things made by hand can be forgotten in our digital world.  By taking technology out of the creative equation, participants will experience becoming more connected to the art they make.  In this session, participants will experience the fundamental elements needed to create, design and print a unique poster, learning how to set type and print a one-of-a-kind edition poster that they will be able to take back to their classroom or home.  This is a rare, in-studio experience. 

Limit: 18 






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