Board of Directors


King Banaian, Vice Chair
Affiliation: Higher education, public policy

Elna Bateman
Affiliation:  Banking

Helga Bauerly, Chair
Affiliation: Arts patron

David DeBlieck
Affiliation: artist, instructor

Paul Harris
Affiliation: Attorney

Marla Kanengieter-Wildeson, Secretary
Affiliation: Higher education, communications

John Mathews
Affiliation: Attorney

Lynn Metcalf
Affiliation:  Arts Education

Dan Meyer
Affiliation: business/manufacturing

June Roos
Affiliation:  Leadership Consulting

Chris Stalboerger
Affiliation:  Certified Public Accountant

Melinda Tamm
Affiliation: business, dance

Paul Thompson, Past Chair
Affiliation: Banking

Janet Tilstra
Affiliation:  Higher Education

Dan Torgersen
Affiliation: Arts Patron



Carol Lewis
City Council Designee

Tony Goddard
Director, Community Services and Facilities


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