Education & Outreach

Education Outreach

The Paramount Theatre and Visual Arts Center includes an Education and Outreach Department that supports the mission of the Paramount by enhancing and expanding arts opportunities in Central Minnesota through:

  • Workshops for classroom and arts teachers to meet their staff development needs
  • Training for area teaching-artists to expand their capacity to deliver powerful residencies to a broad range of clients.
  • Residency programs on and off site to enhance school and community settings for participants of all ages and abilities.
  • Facilities and consulting services that help area schools and organizations access expanded arts experiences for their clients

The Education and Outreach program provides value to Paramount’s mission and program as it connects local artists with the broader community to explore central human themes that will deepen understanding, foster curiosity, expand perspective and build relationships.

Arts Camp for Educators and Teaching Artists

Each summer, the Paramount joins with ISD 728 Regional Arts Partner, Perpich Center for Arts Education and Central Minnesota Arts Board to present three days of intense learning with master teaching-artists.  Classroom teachers interact with the arts community to experience hands-on ways of fostering learning with their students.  From deep experiences that enhance arts skills, literacy, math, science and social studies, teachers leave with new tools to help bring all learners to high standards.

Teaching-Artist Roster Training

Every other year, the Paramount and Central Minnesota Arts Board collaborate to present a seven week training for artists interested in honing Teaching-Artist skills.  Those completing the course are placed on the CMAB Teaching-Artist Roster and are eligible to apply directly for grants to bring their residencies into schools and programs fully funded!  The next program will be in 2016.


Each Fall, the Paramount Collaborative present an opportunity for educators and community agencies to meet local teaching-artists and learn how to bring their residencies to their sites.  Watch the website for time and place.

Individual agency consultation

If your organization or agency believes that your clients would benefit from arts engagement, call to set up an appointment to visit about the possibilities.  From residencies to field trips, artist talks to exhibit visits, staff training to public art, the Paramount is here to serve the needs of you and your clients.  The possibilities are endless and exciting!

Paramount Visual Art Center & River’s Edge Convention Center Field-Trip Opportunities

The Paramount Visual Arts Center was commissioned by the St. Cloud Civic Center to create a feature wall in the recently expanded Rivers Edge Convention Center.  The feature wall in the west main entry is a two-story depiction of the Mississippi River’s ecosystem in Central Minnesota.  The Mississippi River created an ecological crossroads in St. Cloud – a place where river, woodland and prairie come together to form a complex and diverse ecosystem.   The 40’X25’ wall was created through a collaboration of artists from the Paramount Visual Arts Center and depicts with lifelike accuracy a cross section of the river and 118 different species of the plants, animals, fish and other wildlife that call this place home.


The Paramount Visual Arts Center would like to collaborate with local educators to provide field trips that infuse the science curriculum with the arts.  Each Field Trip will start at the River’s Edge Convention Center where students will be able to view and discuss the feature wall.  The class will continue to the Paramount Visual Arts Center where they will be involved in either tile, painting or drawing projects with local artists, based on the wall and the current educational standards.  Here is a breakdown of the field trip pricing and potential agendas for different ages based on the MN EDUCATION STANDARDS.  We would be happy to work with you to design a field trip to meet your specific needs.


1) 40 minute Artist led discussion of the feature wall at the River’s Edge Convention Center for up to 50 students – $75

2) 2 hour Artist led projects based on the mural, held at the Paramount Visual Arts Center or at the School – 2 hours, $300 for each group of 25 students.


Kindergarten: Living & Non Living

Students will explore and identify numerous living and non-living things while visiting the mural. At the Paramount, they will be guided to draw and paint a picture of both living and non-living things using easy to follow templates and transferring methods.

1st Grade: Basic needs. 

Students will use basic drawing and painting techniques to create a picture that explores how an animal from the feature wall accesses its basic needs of space, water, food, shelter, and air from its habitat. Using easy transferring methods with graphite paper, students will recreate an animal, its habitat and needs, and color it, using watercolors.

2nd Grade: Life cycle. 

Students will use basic drawing and painting techniques to create a picture exploring the different stages that a plant or animal goes through in their lifetime. For example, a frog would include egg, tadpole, tadpole with legs, froglet, and adult.

3rd Grade: Grouping animals. 

Students will identify many species of animals while visiting the mural, and then at the Paramount will focus on physical characteristics while using templates and transfer methods to paint a selected species.  Students will be able to use varied drawing pencils and blending block to show physical characteristics of animals and indicate what group they are from.

4th Grade: Water cycle. 

Students will explore the water cycle as they paint a scene of the Mississippi River. Students will explore condensation by painting a picture of fog or precipitation by creating a rainy scene of a river. Others may find evaporation fascinating by depicting different water level lines on a riverside rock.

5th Grade: Survival characteristics. 

Drawing and painting from mounts at the Paramount, students will focus on one specific species of animal or plant and represent how its structure and or function provide an advantage for survival in its natural system.

6th Grade: Wave properties: Light. 

Students will explore the wave properties of light by painting a landscape scene based on the River’s Edge mural. Some simple yet intriguing questions covered include:  Why is the sky blue?  (light absorption and scattering), Why does water often appear blue? (reflection), Why do sunsets appear red? (light absorption and scattering)

 7th Grade: Organisms

Students will study how all organisms are composed of cells that carry on the many functions needed to sustain life and will distinguish between plant and animal cells. Students will use characteristics of an organism to identify the kingdom to which it belongs.

8th Grade: Landscape forms and causes. 

Using aerial photos and the river’s edge mural as inspiration, students will use their imagination to create aerial paintings featuring erosion, glacial activity, transfer of materials, sediment deposition, human impact, and weather.

Please contact us to discuss and plan the fieldtrips you are interested in and we will work with you to make sure it fits your curriculum.

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