Education & Outreach Services

The Education Outreach Department provides services to a broad range of clients. Our partnerships with Central Minnesota Arts Board, Perpich Center for Arts Education and ISD 728 Regional Partner allow us to access additional valuable resources and skills as well. Call if you would like to develop a program to meet your specific goals/needs.


If you are an artist who loves to share your skills, come see us.   We can provide opportunities to expand your capacity to work with a broad range of clients, and to teach with greater clarity and effectiveness. The results could be not only a new source of satisfaction, but greater income as well. Click here to learn more.


Teachers strive to bring all students to high quality work. But students learn in a variety of ways! Providing teachers with Artful Tools enhances the ability to reach more students and brings even greater satisfaction to the art of teaching.  From on-site workshops throughout the year to in-school staff trainings, to pre and post planning for student residencies, we can help teachers apply research-based artful strategies to their classrooms. Click here to learn more.


Providing teachers and students with Artful Tools makes learning more fun, more engaging, and more effective! We can help design an Artist in Residency to meet a specific standard, provide a workshop to hone new skills, plan a field trip to work in authentic art studios exploring and learning in new ways or provide access to powerful performances. Click here to learn more.

Community Agencies

If you are a social service agency providing services to a segment of our community, we invite you to explore, examine and expand the artistic services you may (or may not) be providing. The arts add a depth of experience for your clients that allow staff to see them with new eyes, allows clients to discover new strengths, and helps both to tell and hear their stories. We can connect you with the artists and the art forms that will best serve your needs. Click here to learn more.

Staff Development for Organizations/Businesses

Working together is a skill that is developed and honed. It is also a workplace trait that increases efficiency and morale. The Paramount provides leadership for your staff to come together to reflect on mission, values and goals in powerful and artful ways. You may be surprised what staff will learn about themselves and about each other through these engaging, safe and surprising strategies. Contact us to create an experience meant just for your setting.

Community Theatres

Paramount’s stellar technical staff are available to help community stage facilities protect and enhance their investment in quality theatre equipment. Click here to learn more.


Perhaps you want to include arts experiences for your staff, students or clients but don’t know where to begin. We have helped many organizations expand their offerings. Call us to set up an appointment to explore opportunities, funding and sustaining strategies. The arts engage the body, mind and soul! They breathe life into any setting! Contact Jane Oxton at 320-257-3127 or to begin to imagine the possibilities.





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