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St. Cloud is a community rich with varied cultural roots. Did you know that in addition to Minnesota indigenous nations, those who live here have either come directly or have roots in over 65 countries or regions of the world! With funding from the Morgan Family Foundation, the Paramount Center for the Arts is embarking on an exciting project to celebrate that diversity by gathering the deep food and ceramic traditions we all share!! There are two ways you can participate!

The Book!!

First of all, we will be gathering recipes of traditional recipes that you, our community, hold dear and the stories that make them so special. All recipes, photos and stories need to be submitted online (www.paramountarts.org) and will be available on the Paramount website. In addition, a selection of recipes submitted will be printed in a wonderful book that will help to tell the story of who we are as a community. Perhaps you have a favorite recipe from your family heritage, or your special holidays might not be complete without a certain bread or sweet treat. You may have come here recently and would like to share a special traditional recipe that will be new to many who live here. Whatever the origin, you are invited to go online, find the submission form and either submit online or print a copy and mail to the Paramount. The goal is to receive a broad range of submissions that are representative of all who live here.

Ceramics Classes!!

Ceramic artists skilled in various cultural ceramic traditions will be sharing classes at the Paramount that will explore, demonstrate and teach from many cultural perspectives and traditions. With grant funding, these classes will be offered at very low cost! All are encouraged to come, even if you have never participated in a clay class. You will experience history in a new and exciting way, and have a piece to take home as a remembrance. Classes are limited so register early. A co-hort of ceramic artists will also be making ceramic pieces inspired by these traditions and your recipes. They will be on sale at the closing celebration on May 9 from 4:00-7:00pm at the Paramount.