Employee Spotlight: Derick Segerstrom

It’s time for one of our fabulous employees at the Paramount Center for the Arts to step into the spotlight! Meet Derick Segerstrom, Manager of the Visual Arts Department. Derick has been with The Paramount for 13 years, where he says we are one big family! On a regular basis, you can find Derick in Gallery St. Germain, giving tours (one of his FAVORITE things to do), and planning art classes for the Studios.

Derick says that the best part of his job is the people. “I get to meet and work with so many amazing people all the time! It is fun to introduce people to our space and see them explore and discover new talents or expand and develop their techniques! Central Minnesota is full of extremely brilliant people, and I am fortunate to know many and always excited to meet more of you!”

Outside of work you will find him researching genealogy, traveling across the country, enjoying time with friends, taking adventures to museums and concerts or just spending the day at home playing games or watching movies!

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