Artists Guild of Minnesota Members’ Exhibition

Artists Guild of Minnesota Members' Exhibition

Artists Guild of Minnesota Members' Exhibition

May 1 – June 1, 2013
Free Admission

At Gallery Saint Germain


The Artist Guild of Central MN was created in April 2011 to be a business and educational resource for artists, and to advocate for fine arts. The guild also seeks to provide opportunities for artistic expression, education, and appreciation in a supportive and nurturing environment.
   The Artist Guild of Central MN is an unincorporated association of professional visual artists. The Signature Artists of the Guild work to generate opportunities for our member artists. The Artist Guild of Central MN maintains a comprehensive website, with social media interfaces, along with brochures and newsletter to promote our visibility.
   AGCM activities include organizing exhibitions, workshops, and targeted marketing for sales of artwork. We expect all of our members to create the highest quality artwork possible, and to work cooperatively to promote the goals of our organization.
Current Members include: Michele Feriancek, Melissa Gohman, John Heckman, Lisa Molitor, Dan Mondloch, Chuck Norwood, Jo Svaren, Willicey Tynes.
Mission Statement:
We seek to foster a deep appreciation for area artists, while facilitating the exhibition of original, dynamic works of art. We aim to establish a strong database of artists and art services, to create sales and opportunities by cultivating and enhancing a local collector base of patrons.

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