Kathy Mattea

Kathy Mattea

Kathy Mattea

Saturday September 22, 7:30
Main Floor: $20 – $22


APPALACHIAN: of a wild and beautiful mountain land, a genre of distinctly American music, and for many, the deep roots of family. For Kathy Mattea, it also represents an essential piece of her musical education and heritage.

In 2012, this Grammy-nominated artist will release a collection of songs that celebrates the Appalachian culture of her native West Virginia. Kathy has gathered songs and stories of bravery, pride and grief that further define and describe the life and times of her home – the Appalachian Mountains.

“Mattea remains one of Nashville’s most spiritual singers, and the songs she sings about love lost and humility are as fine as can be.”
USA Today

“Her voice stands out as a rare blend of warmth and power.”
Hartford Courant

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