Naomi Hart: Beneath the Surface Art Exhibition

Naomi Hart: Beneath the Surface Art Exhibition

Naomi Hart: Beneath the Surface Art Exhibition

Wenesday, April 5 – Saturday, April 29
Opening Reception: Thursday, April 6 from 6-8 pm


This world, this universe is part of me; everything seen and unseen, a delicate and intricate exchange that is the strength of life and the fruit of death. A flower exhales and I breathe in. I gather morning dew with the spider. My veins are tangled in roots. I plant my feet in stardust heavens and shed light beneath the surface. The past few years I took on the care of my aging mother as she became engulfed by dementia. Through this process, I found a renewed connection with the transfer of life through death and death through life. This body of work symbolizes my personal desire to live aware and grateful for this exchange that ages and renews.


Naomi Hart Currently lives and works in St. Cloud, MN.
She obtained an MFA from the Rochester Institute of Technology in Printmaking and Book Arts.
Naomi grew up on the North Shore of Lake Superior in a remote, and beautiful homestead which she has come to appreciate above anything.
She has two grown sons and an awesome grandson and lives a life shaped by wanderlust and a sense of wonder.


Naomi works in mixed media encaustic on wood panels using chalk, graphite, oil paints, gold leaf and found objects with a final finish of encaustic wax. Every layer and every tool is important to the whole story of each piece.

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