Ole plays Nursemaid…Dial 911!

Ole plays Nursemaid…Dial 911!

Presented by Ole and Lena Live

Ole plays Nursemaid…Dial 911!

Tuesday July 18th, 2017 at 1:30 and 7:00
Wednesday, July 19th, 2017 at 1:30

Main Floor $19
Balcony: $17
Groups (20+): $1 off


Bad news has come to Potsdam! Lena’s cousin Mildred is having surgery! Lena, seeing an opportunity to take a break from Ole, has volunteered to head up to Mildred’s Parade-of-Homes type home to care for her until she’s back on her feet. Or until she tires of the country club life.

 Ole, after complaining about who would cook his meals, suddenly realizes that with Lena gone he can go to the Lodge when he wants, fish when he feels like it, and get ready for the hunting season without Lena’s pestering him about the mess he’s making.  

 Ole sees his dream of “baching it” fade away as fate intercedes and Lena unexpectedly comes down with a severe cold! It’s now up to Ole to head up to the big city to care for Lena’s snooty cousin because, as Lena reminds him, “…that’s what family does”.

 Will Ole survive having to wait on Cousin Mildred hand and foot? Will Mildred survive Ole’s help? Will Lena get well soon enough to rescue them both? Join in the side-splitting fun of “Ole Plays Nursemaid – Dial 911!” our sixth original Ole and Lena play about family, love and growing old together.

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