Kingston Trio: The Legacy Continues Tour

Kingston Trio: The Legacy Continues Tour

Paramount Center for the Arts and Minnesota Public Radio present

Kingston Trio: The Legacy Continues Tour

Friday, May 11, 2018 at 1:30 and 7:00


Starting in October 2017, the Kingston Trio legacy is being carried forward by three new members. Josh Reynolds, son of original founding member Nick Reynolds, has joined forces with two of Nick’s closest kindred spirits, Mike Marvin, Nick’s nephew and Tim Gorelangton, Mike’s musical brother.  Alongside Josh, Mike & Tim have re-captured that original Kingston Trio magic with their energy, humor and crowd charming musical repertoire. 

 The Kingston Trio‘s music with a message from another era remains relevant today, reawakening America to its own rich folk music heritage. Awarded the Lifetime Achievement Grammy Award in 2011, their songs sound as good today as they did when they first climbed the radio charts. Don’t miss Kingston Trio: The Legacy Continues Tour, an evening of tight harmony, smooth vocals, enthusiastic performance and memorable songs!

Bob Shane, of the original Kingston Trio, said, “I am pleased to announce the Kingston Trio legacy will be carried forth by Josh Reynolds, Mike Marvin and Tim Gorelangton. As you all know, Josh is the son of a founding member, and my friend and partner Nick Reynolds, and Mike is Nick’s cousin. Rounding it out is Tim Gorelangton, one of the only people Nick ever recorded with outside the Trio. It was Nick Reynolds’ and my fondest hope that Josh and Mike would carry on the Trio family legacy.”

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