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  • October 2017

    Inside Voices - Artwork from the Minnesota Correctional Facility - St. Cloud

    Inside Voices – Artwork from the Minnesota Correctional Facility – St. Cloud

    October 25th-November 22nd

    At Studio C

    Reception and panel discussion: November 15th 8:30-9am-meet and greet 9-11am reception, panel discussion

    There will also be staff from the MCF during the Art Crawl from 5-9pm

    Inside Voices is a unique exhibit originally organized by MacRostie Art Center in collaboration with the Minnesota Department of Corrections.  Individuals who are currently incarcerated and have taken art classes through the education program at the Minnesota Correctional Facility in St. Cloud were invited to submit works for the exhibition.

    Mike Lambrecht, art instructor at MCF-St. Cloud provides technical direction and guidance to the students in the art program.  He also leads them through a number of different projects that allow for creative expression and reflection.  One such exercise, “Scribble Drawings,” is described by a participant:

    “In class, we do an assignment where we close our eyes, listen to calm music and scribble on a blank piece of paper for a few minutes.  Then when we are done we show it to the teacher and he pulls a story out of our scribble and the crazy thing is, the story is a true story about our lives, things I never told the teacher before.”

    Several of the pieces in the Inside Voices exhibit were created through the Scribble Drawings exercise, and each tells a story of the artist’s life.  Other works include landscapes, portraits, and abstract paintings.  Both the artists and their instructor, Lambrecht, see tremendous value in the art program, which provides a creative outlet, coping mechanism, and constructive way to use time.

    Central Minnesota Watercolorists

    Central Minnesota Watercolorists

    Tuesday, October 31 – Saturday, December 2
    Opening Reception during Art Crawl on November 3 from 5-9pm

    At Paramount Lobby

    CMW began as a small group of artists with a great love for the watercolor medium.

    The first formal meeting of about ten local artists was held January 19, 1981, to share ideas, experiences, and information; and for the purpose of mutual learning, encouragement and motivation. The first meeting consisted of painting together. Artists brought their paints, ideas and other supplies.

    Demonstrations of new painting techniques were provided by the members, and critiques were held.

    As the artists increased their skills, the members were encouraged to participate in exhibits and in one person art shows. The group now consists of more than 100 area painters, several of whom are professional artists.

    November 2017

    The Works of Charles Gilbert Kapsner

    The Works of Charles Gilbert Kapsner

    November 1 – December 2
    Opening Reception: Thursday, November 2 from 6:00-8:00 pm

    At Gallery St. Germain

    About Charles Gilbert Kapsner

    Classically trained at the private studio of Nerina Simi in Florence, Italy, Charles Gilbert Kapsner uses the compositional tools of the Renaissance to express himself as a painter.  For him, perfecting the drawing is critical before ever picking up a brush. Primarily a studio painter with a tilt towards still life, he prefers painting in the “Vanitas” style, where the objects depicted symbolize the brevity and vanity of human existence. He works primarily from life, and his old-world style is laced with creative and modern twists: exotic florals, still lifes spiked with social commentary, and elegant dancers juxtaposed with modern backdrops. Beyond his studio, he has worked on several public commissions, including the art of true fresco. He is immersed in the fourth of five 8 X 10 ft. oil paintings for the Veterans Historic Education Monument at the Minnesota State Veterans Cemetery north of Little Falls. When completed these five painting illustrate the stories and history of the men and women of each of the five branches of the U.S military.

    Kapsner exhibits in the United States and Europe, and he has received numerous awards and grants, including the Master Artist from Five Wings Arts Council and Career Achievement Award from the Florence Biennale.  Recent recognition for Kapsner’s paintings includes first place in the Salmagundi Club 2017 new member show, silver medalist in the Oil Painters of America Salon 2016, finalist in the 2016 Portrait Society of America Still Life division, and selection for placement this summer into the permanent collection of the United States Coast Guard. Kapsner is a contemporary painter whose roots are planted in the 15th Century.


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    December 2017

    Keren Kroul - Crystalline Pathways

    Keren Kroul – Crystalline Pathways

    Exhibition: Wednesday, December 6, 2017 – Saturday, January 6, 2018

    At Gallery St. Germain

    Artist Statement 2017

    With watercolor on paper, I create dense and detailed organic formations of vibrant and colorful geometric shapes. Beginning as small meticulous lines and delicate washes of watercolor, the imagery grows outwards in a slow meditative process of repetition and layering, rhythmically twisting forward and away, revealing depth as it overlaps. Thematically, these structures are topographies of wonder and belonging. The imagery originates from fragmented childhood memories and present-day everyday surroundings: a web of sunlight on my grandmother’s bedroom floor, crystalline formations on frozen snow. I am searching for moments at the edges of things, imaginary, impossible, made of time and memory, landscapes of the mind. I am drawn to the immediacy of watercolor and to the reflection of the hand in the work: irregular and flawed and of the moment. My curiosity about neural pathways and the working of memory is reflected in the construction of the imagery—repeated, layered, obliterated, resurfaced—appearing suspended over silent emptiness. The fragility and fluidity of the watercolor speaks to the ephemeral and immaterial quality of memory, and also of identity, while the large physicality of the pieces is seemingly solid yet made up of vulnerable moments that can vanish at any time. The play between micro and macro, the fragility of the single line against the physicality of the whole, and the fluid interconnectedness of memory, time, and place, drives the work.


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  • McKnight foundation awarded a two-year $110,000 grant to the Paramount Center for the Arts. The McKnight Foundation grant allows the Paramount to operate an auxiliary exhibition space in the Regency Building, 912 West St. Germain in downtown St Cloud and support the continuation and expansion of the Paramount’s public art program.  Hours are 11:00 am to 5:00 pm Wednesday – Friday, and Saturday’s: 10:00 am – 2:00 pm. “Gallery St Germain” features Minnesota artists who demonstrate a high level of professional achievement.

    About The McKnight Foundation
    The McKnight Foundation seeks to improve the quality of life for present and future generations through grantmaking, collaboration, and encouragement of strategic policy reform. In 2012, the Minnesota-based family foundation had assets of approximately $2 billion and granted about $85 million. Of that total, about 10% went to support an environment in which artists are valued leaders in our community, with access to the resources and opportunities they need to succeed.

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    Neighbors: Painter + Potter
    Judith Bergerson and Peder Hegland

    June 3 – July 16

    Artist reception: Friday, June 3, 6-8 pm • Artist talk: 7pm





    Lisa Bergh “Reach and Gather”

    April 22 – May 27 • Gallery St. Germain

    Lisa Bergh’s work represents her ongoing investigation merging figuration with abstraction. Within her topographies of bold color, and simple form, visual tension pushes at the boundary between object and painting. The works presented in this exhibit come from two separate, ongoing series by the
    artist: Postures and Studies of Restraint.



    Kayla Gustin “DUALITY”

    Friday, April 22 – May 26 • Studio C

    This body of work is an exploration of accepting the complexities of the duality of being.  Without dark there could be no light, there is sound in silence & there is good in the bad.  Memories, wishes, dreams, growth, transformation, spirit, human, nature…all forms converge into one space of shared energy at every moment.  Each making the other, even in contradiction.  This family of paintings is a visual manifestation of my desire to fully accept all levels of existence on and beyond this Earthly plane, to own our oneness & inherent connectedness to all.






    The 36th Annual High School Art Awards

    Monday, April 18th
    Reception and Viewing Starts at 6:00!
    7:00 Awards Program on the Stage

    A nice way to spend a little time on a Monday night! Enjoying appetizers and viewing some of the finest artwork produced
    by high school students from 17  Central Minnesota High Schools!



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    Willicey Tynes: March 16 – April 16

    Artist Reception: Wednesday, March 16th, 6-8 pm
    Art Crawl: Friday, March 18th, 5-9 pm
    Artist Visit: March 19, 12-2 pm

    Willicey Tynes will be exhibiting a small body of work highlighting similarities between Afro-Caribbean culture
    and Western culture. This is a body of works that speaks to the existing cultures and what they have left behind. Seeking and
    finding these has been an enlightening experience, showing the loss of a time that once was.
    International artist Willicey Tynes is a self-taught oil painter and sculptor. Born in the Bahamas in 1978, Willicey Tynes has been
    bringing the beauty of the Caribbean to his canvas since childhood. His fascination with natural surroundings emerged early in his
    career and this theme is prevalent in his work.  To him, life is not abstract, but real and structured, and this is clearly identifiable
    in his approach to his pieces.  His choice of medium is oil on canvas, but he has also achieved great results with pencil and pastel.
    Willicey has always been drawn to the technical aspects of painting but loves the flow and movement of color that is sometimes only achieved
    by an intuitive approach. With his realistic style of painting, he favors florals, seascapes, and portraits as subject matter. Willicey has taught
    himself most of what he knows about painting and attributes his ability to having a trained eye and lots of practice. Pushing his limit and
    challenging himself has led Willicey to sculpting in various mediums such as clay, bronze, and glass. His work has been
    exhibited throughout the United states in numerous juried shows and extensively in the Bahamas.


    Sponsored in part by Gary and Pat Webber.






    The Jerome Ceramic Artist Project: December 11th – January 16th

    Northern Clay Center presents excerpts from the Jerome Exhibition, on view in its galleries in 2014 and 2015 and reimagined for the Paramount Center for the Arts.  The Jerome Ceramic Artist Project Grant program has been administered by Northern Clay Center for over 25 years and is intended to support the work of Minnesota ceramic artists at relatively early stages of their careers, as they accomplish short-term, specific objectives.  For more information about Northern Clay Center and the Jerome Ceramic Artist Project Grant or the Jerome Artist of Color Residency programs, please visit

    Artist Bios:

    Matthew Krousey created work that explored our vanishing natural habitats. The Jerome award has allowed Krousey to expand his imagery, moving his ideas from pottery to large tiles, where his ideas can grow in breadth.

    David Swenson makes ceramic works through the assemblage of parts and pieces. He used his Jerome award to purchase a 3D printer and software which will allow him to prototype and imagine works before they are fully realized.

    Michael Arnold is a maker of wood-fired, wheel-thrown pottery. He used his Jerome award to research native-Minnesota clays and slip-casting. In addition, he spent his grant year designing and building a wood-fire kiln in Albert Lea, MN. In addition to making pots, Arnold is NCC’s exhibitions manager.

    Karen McPherson creates handbuilt vessels for plants. With her award, she looked beyond the usual relationship between plants and ceramics—flowers in a vase—and instead, incorporated plant forms onto the surface of the work itself.

    After recently receiving her MFA from the University of Minnesota–Twin Cities, Ginny Sims has been teaching ceramics at different centers and schools throughout the Midwest. She used her Jerome award to transfer decorative motifs onto majolica-based surfaces, placed in an installation setting.


    Infinite Field: January 22 – March 5

    Infinite Field is a two-person exhibition featuring new work by Peter Happel Christian and David Ruhlman. The works in the show expand on the artists’ independent studio practices as they find common ground in similar subject matter and ways of thinking while making. Sculpture, photography, and painting meet together in an infinite field of conversation between Happel Christian and Ruhlman. |


    Visual Arts Minnesota Essential Art Exhibition & Celebration: January 22 – February 28

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