Mid Minnesota Association of Woodturners

The Mid Minnesota Association of Woodturners (MMAW), an AAW chapter, meets at the Paramount Center for the Arts in St. Cloud, Minnesota. In exchange for meeting, classroom, and storage space, the MMAW provides instructors for community classes at the facility. When the Paramount sought input from MMAW members on what classes to offer, one suggestion was for a learning experience that mirrors successful instruction in other art mediums: a cohort.

A cohort is loosely defined as a study group where the members choose a common goal to pursue. The concept is to learn from each other, rather than from a single instructor teaching the group. One benefit of a cohort experience is that the group gets multiple perspectives on what works and what challenges are experienced.
The cohort is a support system that encourages learning.


woodturning cohort-1 woodturning cohort-2 woodturning cohort-3

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